This blog is by Chris Bennett, a Civil Engineer working for the World Bank in the transportation sector. It is a personal blog and in no way should be construed to represent World Bank policies etc.

Since I was 29 I’ve worked in every country from India east except Bangladesh and Bhutan. Since joining the Bank I have done lots of travel to very interesting – and not so interesting – places.  I was based at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington D.C. from 2003, and the Sydney Australia office from 2010.

I am a keen triathlete, and have a blog dedicated to that. I also love cycling and my web site www.lpcb.org has my trip journals from cycling San Francisco to Maine, mountain biking the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico, following the Tour de France, and more. It also has all my technical publications and papers if you are a glutton for punishment.

My long-suffering wife Lis Pedersen is originally Danish. We met in New Zealand where she was my nurse in hospital. I may have got a bad knee, but that was a small price to pay for a wonderful wife. She is a self-appointed ambassador extolling the virtues of New Zealand to anyone who will listen. She runs an organic vegetarian Bed & Breakfast outside of Nelson called the ‘Cats Pjamas’ which I can highly recommend – particularly to triathletes (endless pool and all).



Christopher R. Bennett
e-m: chris [at] lpcb . org or cbennett2 [at] worldbank.org
Phone: +1-703-957-9443 (Voicemail)
Fax: +1-270-294-6240 (eFax)

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