My Last Ride in Georgia (Hopefully Just For Now!)

September 28, 2009

It looks like next year I will phasing out of the South Caucasus to  work elsewhere for the Bank so I decided that this trip I would take my bicycle with me back to the USA. My next trip will be in November when it will be too late for cycling outside anyway. When I arose on Saturday and saw the brilliant blue sky, with the peaks of the Caucasus mountains in the distance I knew that it was time for a road trip—my last one for a while, but hopefully not forever.


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One Night in Istanbul

September 14, 2009

Flying to Georgia or Armenia is not very convenient. One flies from Washington D.C. to Munich and then after spending 14 hours in Munich you fly out around 21:30, arriving around 03:00.  As someone who normally rises around 05:00 for my triathlon training, IMGP4942 this puts another layer of unpleasantness to an already challenging trip. I was pleased to find a more civilized way of arriving by travelling through Istanbul.  The flight arrives at 16:30 although it means overnighting in Istanbul. Not a difficult choice … I had really enjoyed my earlier visit and it would be nice to see the city outside of winter.

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