Mission Food Blues

August 23, 2010

We were sitting at the “Sugar Blue’s Cafe” swishing the flies away from our dhal-rice lunches, trying to decide where to eat dinner. In the thriving megalopolis of South Tarawa, Kiribati (population some 40,000 spread over a long atoll) we were spoiled for choice. At the east end of the island was the government run Otentaai Hotel where we had suffered through a meal the night before with service that was even more forgettable than the food. This left us to choose from the Chineese Restaurant (and yes, that is how they spelled it), Sugar Blue’s Cafe, the Fair Value Restaurant, Mary’s Hotel, Aboy’s Chinese restaurant and the Japanese Curry house.  After almost two weeks of missions, with only seven restaurants to choose from, things were wearing a bit thin … and that was without considering what was on offer at these restaurants.

 Picture 064

Enjoying White Rice As A Starter

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