Kiribati Road Rehabilitation Project – The Finished Product

In 2010 I visited Kiribati to start the work preparing what was in 2011 to become the ‘Kiribati Road Rehabilitation Project’. As I recounted in my original post, the road was completely failed and  was in need of major work.  In late 2014 the World Bank did a short story on the project, and now that the road is completed, they have produced an excellent video. I’m grateful to have played a small role in helping to improve the quality of infrastructure in Kiribati. This is what development is all about.

4 Responses to Kiribati Road Rehabilitation Project – The Finished Product

  1. Vernon Scarborough says:

    Well done by all and a welcome and much needed infrastructure development. Enjoyed the clip very much.

  2. Steve Finnie says:

    Great story. Now that I work solely in the UK, this is what I miss about engineering – making a real difference to people’s lives.

    • triduffer says:

      Yes, we are generally tinkering around the edges in developed countries and don’t get the transformation effects of developing countries. Of course, a lot less frustrations and challenges in developed countries too!

  3. Emily Tritsch says:

    The work you do is so important! I love that you get a glimpse into how you are making peoples’ lives better. It must be very satisfying.
    Keep fighting the good fight!

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