The Meaning of Life According to Bill Watterson

August 28, 2013

Calvin and Hobbes is a cartoon strip which is the greatest comic strip of all time. Like man of its aficionados, I was saddened when it’s author Bill Watterson retired. I have the full collection and have read and re-read them many times. And continue to do so today.  I am really looking forward to the upcoming documentary ‘Dear Mr. Watterson’. Check out the trailer below.


Bill gave a commencement speech at Kenyon College which, as would be expected, is very profound. From this, the author of Zen Pencils has created the excellent cartoon below. Words of wisdom we should all reflect on. I know that I for one have been truly blessed with my career. While working at the World Bank is really challenging, it offers me the personal and professional opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives in ways that few other jobs could. Very rewarding and fulfilling—and one which allows me to live my values. The best job in the world, except for the extended periods I’m away from my wife Lis. Even the best job can have a high price …

World According to Watterson