Portable Speakers

June 22, 2010

As a perpetual traveller one thing I have never adjusted to is the pathetic speakers on my notebook computer.  I tried many options, from software to portable speakers, but ihomenever found what to me was the perfect solution. Waiting for a flight in Orlando I wandered into the airport’s electronic shop and saw a nicely designed pair of portable speakers. What I particularly liked was that they had internal rechargeable batteries which are charged by the USB port. Although expensive—$55—I decided to give the a go. GREAT investment. They are very portable with incredible sound. Not only quantity, but quality. You can even ‘open’ them up to change the bass sound. I use them with my computer, my Zune portable video player, even my cell phone. You can buy the iHome iHM77R speakers from Amazon for under $40. You won’t regret the purchase.