Cloud Computing for Free

This is a geeky post for those interested in computers…

Everyone has heard of cloud computing, the ability to store and access data in the internet. There are a variety of services which will allow you to do automatic backup of files, for a monthly fee. However, there is a very simple and elegant way in which you can get into the cloud for free, and have all the power of local file access but with everything on the cloud. Here is how.

Step 1: Get Some Free Storage

There are several places where you can get free storage. Join at least one of the following:

Step 2: Get Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Gladinet is an amazing free program. It allows you to seamlessly access multiple cloud storage services using the Windows Explorer. interface.

Step 3: Define Your Free Storage Locations in Gladinet

You define your online storage locations in Gladinet:


Step 4: Start Using the Online Storage as Drives

Once Gladinet is running, your online drives appear as local folders in Windows Explorer. You can drag and drop files to the folders, run backups, etc. It is just as if they were on your hard drive. The free version of Gladinet has a limitation of 1000 files, but you can get around this by, say, creating a .ZIP file.



2 Responses to Cloud Computing for Free

  1. Ron Allan says:

    Is there a way of accessing one’s cloud files from a remote computer using Gladinet from a thumb drive?

    • triduffer says:

      If you need to access the files stored with any of these services all you do is open the service in your web browser and log in. While you don’t have the luxury of them being mapped as a local drive, at least they are still fully accessible.

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